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Personal Biography of

Bobby Mertz 

Born in Uniontown, PA, Bobby started playing drums at the age of 5. Since then, he has played throughout elementary school, Junior High, and High School marching/concert bands.

“When I got my first set of drums, I cranked up the stereo and just started playing to all kinds of songs…” I would sit there for hours and just groove to all the different styles of drummers I could hear.”

Bobby got away from drumming when he enlisted in the US Marine Corps for 4 years. He served during Operation Desert Shield/Storm. Bobby was a member of the World Famous US Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon in Washington, DC. After that, he moved back to his home town and enlisted in the Pennsylvania State Police. As Bobby was drawing near to an early retirement, he began playing for his church’s praise & worship band. He was then asked to join a Christian rock band (Zach Ellsworth w/Unwritten) where he played for a couple of years and laid down the tracks for Zach’s first EP. 

Bobby felt like he wanted more and was determined to join a serious band that wanted to tour and crank out an awesome sound.  That’s when he teamed up with Riley Harbarger & Heath Randolph, formerly of a local cover band, River Rock, which had just broken up. The idea was to get away from “covers,” and come up with a new sound..... with attitude. Crazy, off time, guitar riffs, combined with Heath’s totally sick bass lines, that go hand in hand with Bobby’s drumming, created a new sound that meshed itself together.

Management stated ......Everywhere we play, someone comes up to me and says, “Your drummer is just SICK!” Bobby prides himself on being completely solid, show after show, and settles for nothing less than 110% whether it’s in practice or in front of thousands. 

Trapline has shredded through bars, benefits, Battle of the Bands, and their first EP with Rock Wall Entertainment and 78/79 Records. During this production Bobby worked alongside and closely with BJ Ramone from Tampa, FL. Bobby finished laying down tracks for Trapline at Treelady Studios, Pittsburgh in January of 2010.

Bobby then made the choice to leave the bar scene, and begin playing drums for a reason that would make a difference, so he teamed up with the Praise & Worship team at Chestnut Ridge Church in Morgantown, WV,  and began playing as often as possible until he soon after became a permanent fixture to the stage there. He was often called upon to perform for important conferences, and larger than normal services, ie: Easter, Christmas, First Sunday. On a normal weekend, Bobby will play to approximately 5000+ believers.

Around the same time, Bobby was asked by CCM Artist, Laura Kaczor's manager, to play drums for Laura & her traveling band to play venues all over the US while promoting both her latest release, “Love Enough,” and her charitable organization, "Life Thirst."

Bobby now resides in Nashville, TN & currently backs Nashville Country Recording Artists, Alyssa Micaela, Lockwood Barr, Rachel Lipsky, Ryan Weaver, & Cassidy Daniels. He also plays with various artists locally, and as a touring drummer. Bobby also works at his home studio tracking drums for many interested singer/songwriters in the Nashville area.  Bobby has learned and studied with some of Nashville's "go to" guys....and friends....drummers like Chuck Tilley (Alabama, Richard Marx, Sixwire), Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean), and Tom Hurst (Tracy Lawrence)....

Bobby has also worked with and played for Adley Stump, Megan Ruger, Savannah Lynne, Bryce Hitchcock, Mark Alan Cash (nephew of legendary Johnny Cash), Ava Leigh, Kelly Seidel, Amanda Winter, Conor Clemmons,  & Dave Gibson (former founder of the legendary Grammy winning Gibson Miller Band).  As if that doesn't keep Bobby busy enough, he is also the Drum Tech/Backline Tech for Kenny G. Bobby also volunteers playing at Long Hollow Church when his busy touring schedule permits…. A combined 150+ dates a year!

“There came a point where just praying and talking to God, asking Him to give me what I wanted just wasn’t enough…I had to get knocked backwards for a while and had to realize all on my own what true faith really was. It’s not just knowing for sure what you ask for and believing in what you cannot see (Hebrews 11:1). It’s having an undoubted belief that God has a plan so much bigger than we as people could ever imagine is the best for us, and then believing wholeheartedly that God will give that to you in a way that’s bestsuited for you….in His eyes! I had to tell myself that I will NEVER quit trying or give up because God NEVER gives up on us.”

Bobby prides himself on being somewhat of a chameleon with all the different genres he's called to do... “I am bound and determined to do whatever it takes to succeed for the music, myself, the band, and/or your business. Most of all, to be the best example of Christ I can be.”

What Bobby plays…

Bobby uses Pearl Drums & Percussion instruments (depending on the artist), Pearl Hardware, Zildjian Cymbals, Cymbolt Cymbal mounting systems, Evans drumheads, ProMark sticks, Carmichael Throne, DrumTacs, Westone in-ear monitors, Humes & Berg cases, Auralex Flooring & Acoustical Products, Prologix Practice Pads, & Behringer mixing systems (Drum mix only).